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The experience of buying a bra for a lot of people falls between the category of plain disappointing or extremely traumatic. Many women end up wearing an uncomfortable bra in Pakistan simply because they don’t know how to find the ideal bra for them.

Therefore, they wear an uncomfortable ladies bra the whole day and then take it off the moment they get home. To avoid this hassle, you should keep in mind some tips that will help you identify the perfect bra for yourself or for your wife if you are gifting it to her. Here are a few tips every bra-wearing person should ideally know while buying a bra in Pakistan.

Major support comes from the band of ladies’ bra

It is true that the cups of the bras hold the breasts in their place, but the band is what gives the actual support. They are there to keep the cup in sync with your body and to shape your breasts. Therefore, strapless bras are available where despite the straps not being present, the breasts still retain their shape.

Knowing your size and “sister size”

Just like some clothing items like jeans, there is a huge variation in the sizes of bra in Pakistan which is different for every bra brands in Pakistan and style. Thus, experts believe that it is important to know the true size and the sister size. So, for example, if you are trying on a bra and your actual size doesn’t fit, you can go for the sister size.

The rule for this is that if you choose a higher size in the band, choose a lower size in the cup and vice versa. For example, a 34C could be fit for a 32D or a 36B. Hence, knowing the sister size becomes important when you are shopping for the first time from a different brand.

The trick to figuring out your band and cup size

Any bra size is a combination of the band size (numbers from 28 till 44) and cup size (letters from AA-M). Ideally, it is recommended for women to get a professional bra fitting from a boutique where the expert will identify if you have been wearing the wrong ladies’ bra size your entire life. But if however, you are online bra shopping in Pakistan, you can measure yourself at home with a measuring tape.

To do that, you need two main measurements: one will be around the back and under the best for the band size, and secondly around the back over your nipples for the cup size. After this, you will subtract the difference.

Breasts with different sizes should be round up for online shopping of bra in Pakistan

It is actually quite common for women to have one breast of a different size than the other. This causes confusion as to which size to go for while buying a bra in Pakistan. If this is the case, then despite the procedure becoming a little difficult, it is suggested to round the size of the smaller breast. You can even buy a bra in Pakistan online which has removable pads so that you can take them out on the bigger side.

If the bra straps dig into the shoulders, the cup size of the ladies’ bra is too small

If you notice that your breasts are coming out from the sides of the cup, they must be putting weight on the straps because of which you might tend to taut the straps to keep them in place. This can cause unnecessary pain and can be easily fixed by buying a bra from one of the various brands of bra in Pakistan with a larger cup size.

It is also possible that the band of bra in Pakistan is too big

The other reason why the bra straps could be digging into the shoulders is if the band is too loose. This puts all the work on the straps. By taking a look in the mirror you can fix this easily. If the straps are really tight because of which the strap is being yanked up, the band is too big and you need to buy a smaller one.

The band should be snug, not too tight or loose

To know whether you have a perfect size, you can place a finger between your back and the strap and there should only be about an inch of stretch. To keep the band fitting perfect, start by wearing the bra on the loosest hook so when your bra starts to feel worn out, use the second and third hook after it.

Different bra in Pakistan online have various styles and fabric for different reasons

In an ideal world, your bras should complement whatever outfit you are wearing. They should be versatile but also be comfortable enough to wear from day tonight. Many experts believe that everyone should have at least two traditional style bras like a T-shirt bra which should make up about 70 to 80 percent of your wardrobe, a sports bra that minimizes the breast bounce during physical exercise, a convertible bra, and a non-underwire bra for traveling. The fabric is also important so ask yourself what exactly you expect from your bra while online shopping of bra in Pakistan!

Bras should be replaced when its time

It does depend on how well you take care of your bra, but essentially, one bra should last at least a year. It is important to wash them gently by hand after three to four years. But no matter how well you do all this, there will come a time where you must say goodbye and look for another perfect bra. Be it different, it is essential to do so.

Therefore, keeping all these tips in mind while online bra in Pakistan, ideally it should be easy for you to find the perfect bra for you. Decide your size and head over to Zalika Women to find the best bra for you!

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