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Green Crown Lady

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The main stone size is about 6*6 mm

The bracelet size is about 1215*10 mm (+2mm)

The bracelet weight is about 12.3 g

Estimated delivery: 3 days
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In a technologically advanced age, every consumer looks for the easiest ways to shop. Products that are readily available, delivered quickly and are worth the money are searched everywhere. What better way to buy astounding jewelry than at the click of a button from Zalika Jewels? There is a load of variety to choose from and in this article we would be talking about bracelet for girlfriend online shopping from Zalika Jewels.

Sometimes hand jewelry gets too heavy so girls look for delicate alternatives to wear. Bracelets are one of those alternatives and these have many categories to choose from. We have cartier, friendship, tennis, silver, gold, couple, chandi bracelets among other items available on our site.

The history of the bracelet is quite interesting. They have been used as a symbolic representation of wealth, power, but more surprisingly, even slavery in the earliest time periods. Now, in the 21st century, it is more a symbol of beauty than anything else.

Where would you wear them? There are countless occasions where bracelets can work. This can be the best gift for wife on her birthday. Imagine going to a wedding ceremony where your dress is highly ornamented and laced with jewels. You definitely want to wear jewelry with it but you cannot overdress yourself unless it is your own wedding, right? In that case, a delicate gold bracelet would do wonders for you.

Bracelet for girlfriend online shopping have been used quite frequently now but the prices are quite sky high. To get affordable yet dazzling bracelets, head on to our site now! Many of our bracelets also have stones in them which would complement your wardrobe.

Ponder over this scenario. Your girlfriend’s birthday is just around the corner and you didn’t look for a gift before. Suddenly, you realize that every girl drools over jewelry like nothing else. However, giving something symbolic but exquisite is what you need. A bracelet! If your girlfriend likes gold, get a gold bracelet otherwise a silver bracelet would be perfect for this event. Furthermore, you can not only get a bracelet for her, but look for the ideal couple’s bracelet on our site and you both can wear it together becoming a power couple!

There is an assortment of gold bracelet designs for girls. We have charm bracelets, silvery tiffany bracelet, zalika signature black diamond bracelet, hilt rose bracelet etc. All these are perfect for every occasion and they can be for your own self, your girlfriends, sisters and even your mothers! Don’t worry about the price as well. All of these are below Rs. 4000 plus there are frequent sales as well which would discount the price. Being a frequent customer, we would update you on promotions and offers too. There is also free shipping available for orders above Rs. 2000.

Ladies bracelets are now extremely famous and whoever sees you wearing one would be asking you how much it suits you and where you got it from. Don’t forget to tell them all about Zalika Jewels! You will surely not regret buying from us.

We currently offer free shipping on all orders over Rs:2000/-.

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