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The Perfect Earrings For You!

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Earrings for girl have become an essential accessory without which the attire looks incomplete. Throughout various civilizations and historical eras, the significance of earrings has increased with time. Any fashion lover will have a plethora of earrings that complement the different looks that one might wear. The best thing about this jewelry item is that the cost is mostly quite affordable and just with a small piece of accessory, the whole outlook is taken to another level.


Ear piercings have been around for centuries. Earrings for girls were made of gold and other materials such as lapis lazuli, including metal, wood, and bone. In the images of the Persian Empire soldiers, they were shown wearing an earring. When different archaeologists dug up the Pharoah, they recounted that his earlobes were pierced. In Japan, there was a period when men were forbidden to wear earrings however, earrings for women were quite common.

During the English Renaissance, earrings became famous among the courtiers. If a sailor wore an earring, that indicated that he had sailed around the whole world. By the late 1900s, there was a popular tradition of ear-piercing parties, where teenage girls pierced each other’s earlobes. Manhattan was one of the first places where commercial markets for ear piercings were opened.

Types of Earrings for girl

Ear piercings can be done in 9 major places. These are the cartilage, industrial, rook, daith, tragus, snug, conch, anti-tragus, and lobe. The lobe piercing is the most common piercing for men and women alike. The right earrings for girl not only make the person feel great rather they have the capacity to pull together an entire outfit.

Statement earrings are defined as those earrings which attract the attention of other people through their bold designs and innovative combinations. They include hoop earrings, dangle earrings, tassels, sparkles, etc.

  • Big Hoop Earrings

These are circular in design and very similar in appearance to a ring. They can be opened to pass through the earlobe. A continuous hoop earring can be rotated almost 360°. The sleeper earring is made of gold whereas the hinged sleepers are made of two semi-circular gold wires fastened with a clasp at one end. A drop earrings for girl is worn at the earlobe and has a gemstone that dangles down from the hoop or chain.

The hoop earrings come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can complement western as well as eastern attire. Gold hoops can never go out of style because we see a lot of celebrities adorning themselves with these. Hoop earrings Pakistan have now become quite common due to the effect of globalization.

  • Sculptural Earrings

These are geometrically shaped earrings that are available in various colors and designs which can be matched according to your preference.

  • Stud Earrings

The striking feature of these earrings for women is that they seem as if they are “floating” on the ear without any apparent connection point. They are kept in place by a removable clutch. It generally is studded with a gemstone or another feature kept in place by the butterfly scroll. Studs are normally seen in the structure of solitaire diamonds. The screw keeps the earrings in place which prevents the risk of losing the precious gemstone. Our new collection of studs are good to wear try this now.

  • Dangle Earrings

These are also known as drop earrings which as the name suggests are designed to descend from the earlobe end. They can be 1cm or 2cm depending on whether the wearer wants them to touch their shoulder. It is generally connected to the ear with a wire with a small hook at the back. Try our Rhinestone Sparking long Dangle Earrings.

earrings for girl

  • Jhumka Earrings

These earrings were traditionally worn by women of the subcontinent in the past. Now, they are popularly seen in Pakistan and India especially on occasions such as wedding functions. These earrings for girl can be large or small depending on where you want to wear them.

Recently, it has become common to wear these earrings on a daily basis. With a simple shalwar kameez, small jhumka earrings look perfect giving a traditional look. They come in silver or gold and now even in different colors which can be matched to the color of your dress. Jhumka earrings online shopping in Pakistan has made it easy for women to choose whichever color and design they want instead of going to the shops in person, wasting a lot of time and effort for no reason.

  • Ear Piercings

The holes made by ear piercings may be permanent or temporary. When sometimes, people don’t wear the earrings for some time, the hole closes by itself. A plethora of techniques are used for ear piercings ranging from doing it yourself to using specialized equipment which is sterilized. However, it is preferred to get your ears pierced by someone professional because there is always a risk involved when doing it yourself. Special care must be taken after the piercing otherwise there is always a chance of getting infected especially if you immediately wear Our Crystal Drop Zircon Earrings earring after getting it done.

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Earrings for girls with sensitive ears

The best material for sensitive ears is titanium, platinum, fine silver, and stainless steel among some others. Most of the earrings on Zalika Jewels are made of environmental copper which greatly decreases the risk of the wearer developing any infections.

While heavy jewelry is most frequently preferred for different occasions, it has now become a trend to wear lightweight and delicate earrings with your everyday outfit. Be it an office meeting or a simple get-together, small-sized earrings for girl will compliment any look and make you seem more formal and up to date.

Just keep in mind that your earrings should make you appear more subtle in a formal gathering such as a meeting and they should out do your simple dress on an occasion such as a wedding. Now, because of so many choices available, there is often confusion as to the perfect pair of earrings which is needed. These small tips will keep you up to date with all the trends that are ongoing and make you seem more stylish than ever before!

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