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Worried about looking too casual? A simple necklace does wonders to your outfit if you know how to carry it well. Everyone in this day and age knows that a necklace is a piece of jewelry worn around the neck made usually of a string of beads, pearls, gemstones, or made of metal and adorned with gemstones, etc. What some people tend to miss out on is the fact that a necklace for girls can be worn almost everywhere daily without the worry of coming off as over or under-dressed.

Historical Importance of Necklace for Girls

Commonly, necklaces can serve symbolic meanings such as a ceremony, religious, mythical, or as symbols of status and wealth when adorned with gemstones. Over the years, necklace for women has been transformed from materials such as bone, shells, and feathers to gold, silver, and lapis lazuli. In some places, necklace for girls were not a symbol of status since the poor, as well as the wealthy, wore them despite being made of different materials. Gold and silver necklaces in Rome were embellished with semi-precious material such as pearl, amber, sapphire, and diamonds. There was even a time where a necklace as a jewelry item was used for trade and served as a form of currency as well. Gradually, colorful and chunky necklace for girls became famous.

During the Renaissance, it became famous for men to wear various necklace & pendant around their necks, and at the same time, women wore simple beads or gold chains. During the era of the Court gowns, because of the large necklines, huge necklaces laden with precious jewels became common. After this time, pearl necklaces could be seen almost everywhere. Chanel was the first company to familiarize jewelry and from there, came a period of ever-changing designs of necklaces and other jewelry accessories.

Necklace lengths

We classify necklaces usually due to their length. A collar is worn on the higher part of the neck. A choker is closely fitted and short in length. A princess necklace is shorter than a matinee necklace and longer than a choker. An opera necklace is situated on the breastbone whereas the rope necklace is longer than this. A lariat necklace is a long rope without any clasp and it is draped several times around the neck.

Necklace & Pendant Importance

Necklaces that have specific colors and the right gemstone on top complement the grace and elegance of the beholder. This necklace for girls is a fashion statement for females of all and any age group.

Firstly, we see that necklace for girls is a great conversation starter. You may never know how you might come across another who is as crazy for necklaces as you are. That time might be the start of a magical friendship. Many PR packages nowadays include necklaces as they are very important and influential in gaining friends and followers on a bloggers’ page.

Secondly, gifting a necklace set has become quite common nowadays. They have high sentimental value when being passed down from generations, from a mother to a daughter, or from in-laws to a daughter-in-law. Even if you are wearing the simplest necklace out there, it can mean the entire world to a person.

Thirdly, anything we wear reflects our personality. Therefore, the time of the necklace for girls you choose may be an important determinant for another person to accurately judge you. Women wearing chunky necklaces may come off as extroverts and as people who aren’t ashamed of what an onlooker thinks of them. Completing your outlook with a simple chain or necklace gives the impression that you are self-conscious and an introvert looking to impress another with your simplicity. Thus, these necklaces represent our individuality and make us stand apart from the mediocre crowd. This is also precisely the reason why many women might have a variety of necklaces available. In a meeting or job interview, they would want to come off as confident whereas in a get-together they would want to seem casual and easy-going.

Necklace Styles

Online shopping for necklace has been made easy with the availability of a plethora of necklace designs.

  • Diamond Necklaces

These are chains of diamond with a diamond pendant or a gemstone. Furthermore, these diamonds are a great investment since their value can increase over time and be sold for cash in times of crisis. They can never go out of style due to their trendy look and can easily be passed down through generations due to their durability.

  • Disc Necklaces

These are gold or diamond chains with a disc-like pendant in the middle. The appearance of the pendant is generally a circle and they work with both eastern and western outfits. Disc necklaces are sometimes layered as well.

  • Link Necklaces

Link necklaces have the appearance of slender paper clips or they can be layered which makes it a chunky chain. These are the mainstream accessories found this year and the years to come.

  • Charm Necklaces

These were once famous but are back and more stylish. Our Heart Shape Charms Necklace is the best expression for an individual as they all tell a unique story. Charms can symbolize every person’s unique passions and ideologies.

  • Pearl Necklaces

They have always been the trend as far as one can tell. Be it a classic design or modern, it is easy to incorporate pearls into any design giving the outlook a traditional look.

  • Locket Necklaces

Locket necklaces have been in style for decades. They have a pendant that opens in which one can keep a photo of a closed one. Their sentimental value is unmatched as it feels you always have your loved one with you.

  • Pendant necklace

A pendant is a small piece of jewelry such as a heart shape, round shape, or any kind of stone that can be attached to the necklace. Grab this Drop Crystal Pendant with sorted chain

Keeping in mind the history and importance of necklaces and with a variety of necklaces to choose from, one can never go wrong. Necklace price in Pakistan might have increased with time but Zalika Jewels have made sure that you have the most elegant designs available with the least amount of cash spent. So, head on over to our website now and you will surely find the necklace for girls that speaks to you on an intimate level!

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