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Top 5 Bra Brands in Pakistan with Price Range

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Regarding intimate apparel, Pakistani ladies have a wide range of options. The perfect bra may significantly alter how a woman feels and appears, from comfort to support to style. In this article, we’ll examine the leading bra manufacturers in Pakistan while highlighting their distinctive qualities and product lines.

Zalika, a well-known lingerie brand in Pakistan, tops our list with a focus on quality, comfort, and elegance. Let’s examine Zalika in greater detail and learn about other well-known bra companies that serve the various demands of Pakistani ladies.

Zalika Women

Zalika Women is a well-known lingerie brand in Pakistan that has built a name for its exceptional quality and style. With an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of contemporary Pakistani women, Zalika has become a market leader in the lingerie sector.

Zalika has a large selection of bras made to fit different body types and tastes. Their bras are made with premium materials to ensure comfort and longevity. The brand’s underwear stands out due to its emphasis on elaborate designs, careful attention to detail, and top-notch craftsmanship. By encouraging women to feel beautiful and confident in their lingerie selections, Zalika hopes to empower them.

Zalika Women’s price range starts from PKR 1,800 to approximately 3,500, with free shipping on orders above 2000 PKR with no compromise on quality


Flourish is a reputable bra company with a strong following in Pakistan. Flourish caters to all tastes and preferences with its wide variety of styles. Flourish aims to serve the requirements of women from all walks of life, offering anything from everyday bras to pieces for special occasions.

Flourish Lingerie gives comfort a high priority without sacrificing style. Their bras are made with soft, breathable fabrics and cutting-edge construction methods to offer the best support. With careful consideration and a dedication to quality, Flourish Lingerie has established itself as a top choice for women looking for both comfort and cutting-edge styles.

The price of the bra is between 360 and 2,650 PKR.


Losha is a well-known bra brand in Pakistan emphasizes fusing cutting-edge styles with unbeatable comfort. Losha has established a significant position in the industry because of its dedication to innovation and quality.

Losha has a wide selection of bras for different body types and fashion tastes. They use high-end materials and cutting-edge technology to create their bras, which offer the best support and a flawless fit. The company pays close attention to small details to produce lingerie that feels soft against the skin and looks fashionable.

Losha knows the value of providing a broad size range to accommodate all women. These bras have adjustable straps, reinforced underwire, and a seamless design for ultimate comfort. Losha continues to be a sought-after brand for women looking for stylish and comfortable bras because of its focus on cutting-edge designs and dedication to client satisfaction.

This brand’s bras range in price from PKR 1,000 to PKR 3,800, which is very reasonable.

Be Belle:

Be Belle is a famous bra line well-known for its superb support and fit. Be Belle has a wide selection of sizes and designs so that every woman can find the ideal fit.

Be Belle Intimates knows comfort is essential, particularly for women with larger busts. Their bras have smart design features to maximize comfort and support, including more oversized straps, reinforced cups, and multi-panel construction. Be Belle Intimates remains a reliable brand for ladies looking for bras that blend style and functionality because of a focus on high-quality fabrics and meticulous

attention to detail.

Prices for bras can range from PKR 420 to 1500, approximately.


Triumph is a famous bra brand in Pakistan that emphasizes daily comfort without sacrificing design. Triumph designs bras that enable effortless integration into everyday life after considering active women’s needs.

Triumph takes pleasure in employing premium materials that feel soft and opulent against the skin. To promote all-day comfort, their bras are made with features like wire-free cups, adjustable straps, and breathable materials. Triumph offers a variety of traditional and modern designs to suit the various tastes of Pakistani women, giving them a sense of security and support in their lingerie selections.

Triumph’s bras are priced between PKR 140 to PKR 5,100; however, any orders over PKR 2,000 will receive free shipping.


In conclusion, a woman’s comfort, confidence, and support depend on her choice of bra. With its dedication to quality, comfort, and elegance, Zalika Women is at the top of Pakistan’s bra manufacturer list. But respected companies like Triumph, Flourish, Losha, Be Belle and Losha also stand out for meeting women’s various needs. These bra companies provide a variety of styles and sizes, making it possible for every woman to get the ideal fit, whether for regular wear or special events. With these top brands from Pakistan, you can upgrade your lingerie collection and embrace the confidence of wearing the proper bra.

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