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Bangles are one of the most popular accessories which may be found in almost every woman’s jewelry box. Whatever the outfit, the bangles easily go along with every look and are very easily available in the market. Bangles for girls are quite common nowadays, so much so that some people feel incomplete unless they wear bangles with their outfits. However, there is a catch with these bangles: you must know how to wear them right.

Wearing your Bangles Properly

With a wide variety to choose from, one often gets confused as to how to style the perfect bangles with your outfit. You cannot commit an irregular fashion faux pas when talking about bangles. Thus, we offer you some tips on how to properly wear your bangles.

Choosing the Right Women’s Bangles

One of the most frequent mistakes that people make is choosing the wrong bangle. Ladies’ bangles online shopping must be done keeping a few things in mind. These include keeping in mind your skin tone and the bangle sizes. If someone has a warmer skin tone, they should go for gold or bronze-colored bangles. For someone with cooler skin tones, bright silver bangles are more suitable whereas with neutral skin tones, any metals that you feel like wearing can complement it. Secondly, one tip is to choose larger bangles if you want to show slimmer wrists and to protrude your fingers.

Mixing different bangles

Pulling off a unique look with your bangles, you need to avoid the boring old look when it comes to bangles. Homogeneity is not applicable in this case because your outfit looks great when you mix various designs, colors, and the textiles of your bangles. Distinct color tones gain the attention of onlookers making it the focus of your outfit.

Go for less

For bangle lovers, it is a dire temptation to choose multiple bangles at one time. Since they are cheap and can be bought in bundles, people often go for buying multiple bangles. But it must be avoided wearing all women’s bangles together. An excess of anything is bad and the same goes for these bangles. A few pieces attract good attention but overdoing it will make them an eyesore and be too distracting for the person who is looking.

The right bangles for the right situation

It is quite easy to get carried away when picking the bangles to go with your outfit. You cannot seem out of place and irregular because you didn’t choose the right bangles. The setting of the event and the time of day must be considered while picking the bangle color, size, and design because there are a lot of variations when we talk about bangles for girls.

In formal events, smaller bangles are more suitable. In an informal setting, bolder bangles with a larger size can work easily. Large bangles reflect an extrovert personality and a fun-loving person which is the appearance you go for at a party.

The perfect fitting of bangles for girls

At the time of buying bangles for girls, Poor-fitting is a popular mistake that many people make. Once you see bold bangles, your heart might want to buy them then and there. But you must make sure that they fit your wrists perfectly; not too large and not too small. If they are too small, they might be difficult to remove and cause pain but a larger size may have a frequent risk of falling off your wrist because of which the entire time you would be preoccupied with pushing them back and this might distract people if you are in an official gathering.

Matching the bangle to your personality

The most amazing thing about bangles for girls is that they are readily available any and everywhere. If you want an edgy trendy look, you can go with Ann Lee Bangle or

bangles for girls

Fashion Cuff whereas, for a more feminine look, Our AD Cut Mint & Champagne Bangle is better.

To make a bold fashion statement, a bracelet with a giant stone is perfect. To put it simply, never be scared while trying different bangles on different occasions.

Sleeve length is essential

If you want to wear a bangle, but the length of your sleeves is enough that you have to fold them, then you don’t require a bangle in the first place. It will look extremely out of place and make your outfit seem weird. Only wear them if they complement your outlook.

Bangles vs. Bracelets

A frequent mistake new buyers make is confusing bracelets and bangles whereas there are a few small differences that help you distinguish between the two.

Firstly, they differ in their structure.  Women’s bangles or bangles for girls should always be ring-shaped, must be rigid and circular, and are always made of metal. Whereas, a bracelet is flexible, made of any material, and can be closed by a clasp. This also helps a bracelet’s size to be altered, unlike a bangle which has a definitive size.

Secondly, bangles usually represent tribal traditions and varying ethnicities. They are frequently worn by women in Asia and Africa and can be worn independently or together. Compared to this, a bracelet is more of an independent commodity. It is usually worn alone especially if it is elegant. To give off a more personal touch to your look, you should always go for a bangle because they reflect your personality on different levels as told above.

Bangles online shopping in Pakistan is now quite easy and accessible. You can easily just go to the website where you want to order from, choose the bangles for girls or bangles for women that speak to you, and then select it and order. At Zalika Jewels, we have a variety of bangles for girls available. We have simple cuffs, plain bangles, or bangles studded with diamantes and huge gemstones. Once you open the bangle that you might want to buy, you can see the size and weight of every bangle beside it.

Measuring your wrist from there, you can see whether that bangle would be perfect for you or not. The prices are very affordable and make your choice easier. Therefore, keeping in mind all these tips, while choosing the perfect bangle for you!

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